[Issfenn album cover]
The eponymous album is available online now at bandcamp.
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2015 / 04 / 02

It takes many winters to produce an album as cold and frostbitten as we've come up with. We are putting the finishing touches on it now. We appreciate everyone's patience.

— Vitrid
2013 / 04 / 14

We hope to finish our second album before the summer; more live dates will follow. Work continues as always, and the next album will be worth the wait.

— Vitrid
2013 / 01 / 20

We remain hard at work on our followup to our self-titled debut album. At the same time, that album has been receiving some radio play as well as some critical interest:

We will announce some February dates for live shows in Ontario shortly.

— Vitrid
2012 / 10 / 24
We have begun work on recording our second album. We will also announce some shows in Ontario in the near future.
— Vitrid
2011 / 12 / 05
Hails to all who came out to see us at Messe des Morts and other shows. We're dedicating the next few months of cold to writing new material.
— Vitrid